About Me

I am ANN, a woman who loves paper, ink, and acrylic paint. After a stressfull period I was recommended to search for a creative hobby to let things “go”. In 2018 I started to make greeting cards as a hobby. It soon turned out to be my moment of quality time. A moment to be with myself, when heart and mind come together. A moment out of the dynamic and fast world I live in.

I’m a habitant of the Netherlands and live in the modern city of Rotterdam. I am mostly inspired by the citylife and love to be outside, exploring things. Emotions, moments in life, thoughts in the head, or just something I saw on my way, inspire me to transform them all into visuals. The visual transforms into a minipainting scene. The mini painting is assembled into a tactile elegant handmade greetingcard.

I sincerely believe that a card, postcard or greetingcard, should always be something special. It’s a delicate moment in which you express your sincere feelings towards someone by a paper instrument.

So make that moment always special and never standard…