My work

I love paper, ink and acrylic paint. They are my base for designing unique greetingcards. Every card is a reflection of my emotions, feelings and thoughts at that specific moment. I call them “Moments in Life”. A greeting card designed at a unique moment in (my) life which can be used at a unique moment in someone else’s life. A happy moment or a sad one. Both moments appear in our lives constantly.

Every single piece is made by hand with love and mindful attention. Every card takes me 2-4 hours to make it, depending on the level of stages and used materials. It all starts with creating the design mentally; choosing the right technique and colourcombination, then collecting the right materials and instruments. Then the actually creative making process starts; making the background with mixed media, adding the special effects, defining the extra’s on the card to finish the scene and finally assembling it all, piece by piece with my hands.

The backgrounds are always my own designs, painted by myself with mixed media, mostly acrylic paints, inkblendings with different inks and pastes. For the papercrafting part, I use a variety of learned techniques and different products like stamps, dies, embossingfolders or stencils.

I don’t use printers and I don’t like to use sentiments. A sentiment directs too much what you should feel by seeing a card and not what you really feel by seeing the design alone. I love to see the sender of the card expressing that very special sentence for that very special person without being troubled by a misfitted standard line I already chose. I profide the scenery, the sender has to finish the rest of the feeling for the receiver. Everyone hopefully sees something else in the scenes I make, that’s the goal of my blank cards, so a standard sentiment could never fit.

All my cards are original paintings, you can “feel” the media I used. None of them are prints of an original. That’s why the cards are unique items since no duplicates are possible. The greetingcards are blank inside with decorated writingpaper, to write your own special message on. The postcards have a blank posting area on the back.

Further I love a classic elegant style in my cards. Colourcombinations can vary by different projects, but they always contain silver or gold. I also love tactile aspects in my cards. Every project has its own focus, I use a lot of effect acrylicpastes in my mini paintings, but also fabrics like lace, organza or even silk are sometimes in my cards. Fake leather or wooden embellishments can be found. I love to use glitter, rhinestones, gemstones or pearls. Anything classy that makes a card “feel” onto your fingertops is in my stash.

Although I have organized my cards in the standard greetinggroups on this website, they each can be used for any occasion and for any reason. Besides greetingcards (hence the brandname…) , I also make ocassionally postcards and framable minipaintings.

Enjoy the elegant greetingcards from heart and mind on my site, which are specially designed to express your sincere feelings towards someone…